Teeth whitening Zoom 4: what is this method and why do it?

Teeth whitening Zoom 4 - the technology is still newer than the Zoom 3. Despite this, it has advantages and disadvantages.

This article explains what whitening Zoom 4, what it does have contraindications and how this procedure differs from past variations.

teeth whitening zoom 4

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By itself Zoom was created in the United States, it has gradually become popular in other countries. It can be very different - from very negative to positive.

Zoom 4 is considered to be safer and more comfortable system than in the past. It contains less hydrogen peroxide, just 25 %, which is 10 % less than in first systems.

From exposure to the hydrogen of the acid deteriorates the enamel, so reviews about Zoom and Zoom 2 was highly controversial.

For whitening this technology uses materials and tools from one manufacturer to these two components better suited to each other. Because of this Zoom 4 more effective.

Plus whitening a few shades can be done in just one trip, which is another advantage.

This system not only makes the teeth whiter but also eliminates darkening due to consuming excessive amounts of coffee and cigarettes.

Thus, the tooth surface does not deteriorate or crack, because the content of hydrogen peroxide is much less.

Result after the procedure may last up to 7 years, 2 years more than 3 Zoom, but it still depends on the implementation of the recommendations of the doctor. Side effects of this method do not exist.

Before you make teeth whiter with Zoom 4, it is necessary to cure disease of the oral cavity. Especially should pay attention to the presence of caries, or pulpitis.

Despite the fact that it is an improved version of the whitening, to observe the health of the oral cavity also need.

After the teeth are treated, be sure to hold them clean in the dental clinic, because such cleaning more deep and smile after the procedure will be whiter.

Some have the saturation of enamel minerals, if the enamel is not very strong and healthy.

Whitening this technology includes several stages. First, determine the existing shade of the enamel in a custom color scale, then treated with the soft tissue of the oral cavity of various protective substances (cheeks, lips and gums).

After that, 10 of the front teeth on both rows covered with bleaching agent.

Then the patient must put on glasses to eyes damage, yet shines a special lamp, and turn on the device, pointing so that the light fell precisely on the teeth. When the procedure comes to an end, taking off my glasses, clean protective equipment with soft tissues.

Unlike Zoom 3, one whitening this system is only 10 to 15 minutes. After that, the teeth special gel is applied and the lamp is 2-3 times.

It turns out that the total procedure time is approximately one hour. This explains the number of satisfied by this method and positive reviews about Zoom 4.

The destruction of the enamel in this method does not occur, although the composition of the gel is hydrogen peroxide. The reason is that substance with hydrogen and an alkaline composition applied simultaneously.

As a consequence, the peroxide disappears, without having to destroy the enamel. In addition, is applied over the teeth Relief gel, which contains calcium that strengthens teeth.

For a long result, preferably during the week, not Smoking, not drinking coffee, red wine and don't eat food with dyes.

In addition, each year you need to clean your teeth at the dentist. Because of this, some people write negative reviews because I forget to care of your teeth after whitening.

The bleaching process, contraindications and recommendations

The bleaching process

Whitening technology Zoom 4 takes place according to the following system: ultraviolet light affects the whitening gel, which are released oxygen molecules that penetrate the tooth and carefully remove the pigment.

This way you can whiten your teeth by 12 shades in one visit to the clinic.

However, this procedure has its contraindications. Before whitening it is necessary to consult not only a dentist, but also with other doctors to find out whether allergies to components of the gel and other substances.

In addition, you can't go on this procedure if you take medications that increase sensitivity to light. And it concerns not only the skin but the entire body.

In addition, if you have a pacemaker, whiten teeth Zoom 4 is also impossible.

The procedure is prohibited if there are cavities, different diseases on the gums cancer.

Moreover, if a person has any mental illness, such whitening is also contraindicated.

Still impossible to whiten teeth in this way, pregnant women and people under the age of 16.

However, even if there are no contraindications, it is still often possible to perform this procedure should not be. Otherwise, the enamel may crack, and the teeth will become very sensitive.

In addition, after bleaching you need to pay attention to some of the recommendations that will help you a long time to preserve a white smile.

In addition to coffee, it is undesirable to use for two days soft drinks, berries, fruit, beets, carrots, ketchup, seasoning, etc.

If you want to keep our teeth as white as possible, you should reduce the diet of the above products to a minimum. After a meal brush teeth.

Those who smoke, need at least two days to give up cigarettes. Not recommended and cigars and pipes. If you want you can buy electronic cigarette, but it is also undesirable.

During the first two weeks after bleaching is necessary as less as possible to touch the cigarettes.

If the person smokes frequently, it is better not to do this procedure at all, because the effect may be completely lost after a week or even a couple of days.

If you want another result, you can do the procedure at home. For this you need to purchase a mouth guard (caps on the teeth) and the corresponding gel.

The substance was placed in the caps worn at night. The reviews about this device are generally positive - it absolutely does not cause discomfort, since it is easy to fall asleep.

The whiteness of your teeth the next morning quite noticeable, even given the fact that bleaching was conducted at home.

In addition, this procedure will reduce the risk of tooth decay and other diseases due to its antiseptic properties.

In addition, it is advisable to purchase floss for cleaning teeth, a good toothbrush and a professional paste - oral hygiene now will have to maintain with great care. Some people need a means for rinsing the mouth.