How to use tooth whitening gel

White and beautiful teeth is the dream of many people

White and beautiful teeth is the dream of many people. Here only not everyone is able to preserve the beauty of the teeth, and not all nature has endowed the white enamel. With time, the surface of the dentition occurs plaque dark colors are also deposits of stones. However, the constant procedure of teeth cleaning at the dentist's office are rather expensive and not all of them can afford it. Therefore, in these cases you can use special gels for teeth whitening. These funds have a low cost and simple to use. The main thing you need to examine their features and recommendations for use.


Gels for teeth whitening are in high demand among people of different population groups, ages, gender. This is due to the fact that these funds have high availability, they are fairly easy to use, and the result is visible already after few applications. Another important advantage of these funds is their high cost, which is much lower than the professional dental cleansing tooth enamel.

Important! The main bleaching action gels is the content of the main component is hydrogen peroxide. Included in this component, the oxygen is supplied deep into the tooth enamel, the result is an active chemical reaction which leads to bleaching of the enamel.

If you use one peroxide, it can have increased damage tooth tissue and its rapid destruction. Therefore, the bleaching compounds in addition to hydrogen peroxide include other elements that protect the tooth structure from the aggressive influence of peroxide. For this reason, the whitening gels are not recommended to those who have sensitive teeth.

Are also available gel for whitening, which as the basic substance used carbamide peroxide. This component has such a high activity as hydrogen peroxide, so the effect after using these tools may come later. But this means with this component do not cause such side effects as increased sensitivity teeth, bleeding gums.

The content of hydrogen peroxide in all whitening products is not more than 4-9 %, and carbamide peroxide – 12-15 %. Additionally, the composition of the bleaching gels can contain other elements:

Are also available gel for whitening

Indications for use

The indications of bleaching gels include the following conditions:

Usually in the presence of the above symptoms are the use of bleaching agents must appoint the attending dentist. He needs to find the right gel that will not cause negative effects.


It is not recommended to use bleaching agents in the presence of the following readings:

Be sure before using whitening gels, you need to study the instruction manual. Often, allergic reactions and other side effects arise due to non-compliance with the rules of use.

How to use

A certain principle of the use of these funds does not exist. Typically, manufacturers indicate the user several ways to apply gels. Gels are available in different packages, so each tool is attached different manual. It is necessary to highlight three ways to use gels for whitening:

Most often used the latter method because it is much easier to produce, while it reduced the risk of the gel on the gums and it provides positive results almost after the first treatment. Mouth guards are quite rare, these products can only be used for highly contaminated tooth row. Sometimes the gels can combine with the paste to clean your teeth, but do it as rarely as possible is recommended, because during this method of application is increased risk of damage to the structure of the enamel. In addition, in this method inconvenient to use whitening solution, you can also calculate a wrong dosage.

Some useful advice

To during the application of bleaching agents did not experience any side effects and other unpleasant problems need to carefully and thoroughly study the instructions for use.

Thereby achieving the effect

The effect of applying special gels to whiten your teeth is caused by the content of hydrogen peroxide. Molecules of active oxygen this component is able to penetrate deeply into the tissue. Due to the chemical reaction that takes place between the peroxide and the organic components of the enamel, achieved a lightening of the surface units of the zygomatic arches.

The effect of applying special gels to whiten teeth

Why not use the peroxide in its pure form? The fact that it is able to cause irreparable harm to the health of your teeth. In the manufacture of pharmaceutical products use a special formula that calculated the percentage of the active substance with other components. The content of professional gels other ingredients to protect the enamel from aggressive.

Aesthetic treatment: harmful to health?

The use of gels for enamel brightening relates to a chemical method of influence. Experts say that currently, the most safe and effective methods recognized by the laser and ultrasound procedures. They provide an excellent sustainable results.

All versions of chemical treatment of the teeth, theoretically, not reinforcing them. However, modern technology and innovative formulas allow to reduce the aggressive influence of reagents on the structure of the protective layer. Best tooth whitening gel the drug that is recommended for people with sensitive teeth. He has a gentle action, performing its function of removing stains from the surface.

The advantages and weaknesses of the technology

Each of the types giving a white smile has its pros and cons. Before starting the procedure, it is necessary to study them. These factors will determine the feasibility of manipulation.

The advantages of gel assets:

  • The main advantage of the technology believe its mobility. The development of special funds allowed to carry out aesthetic procedures, not only in the clinic but at home.
  • The teeth whitening gel is not harmful to health. Modern formulas provide safety through structure and consistency tools. Optimum viscosity eliminates the ingress of substances on mucous membranes.
  • Drugs intended for professional use, allow you to lighten the enamel up to 8 shades. Tools for domestic use have a less noticeable result. The difference is due to interest of the active substance.
  • Another advantage of drugs is their affordable price. Laser and ultrasound technology cost patients a substantial amount.
The advantages of gel means


  • Inferior in efficiency of innovative aesthetic techniques.
  • Teeth whitening takes a longer period. In some cases, the manufacturer recommends to use the product for a period of six weeks daily.
  • Gels only whiten enamel. They do not have an impact on fillings or artificial crowns.
  • The drug often causes discomfort to people with sensitive teeth.
  • It requires longer use to those people who smoke, drink strong tea or coffee.


Even the best method of aesthetic treatment can hurt, if you do not read the instructions. Many side effects and allergic reactions made themselves felt precisely because of incorrect use of the gel.

Factors prohibiting manipulation:

  • The age of 16.
  • Periodontal diseases in the acute stage or severe forms of these diseases.
  • Too thin the enamel.
  • Caries.
  • Individual intolerance of any component.
  • Cracks, chips or other significant damage units zygomatic arches.
  • The presence of fillings, crowns on the front stretch.
  • Correction of anomalies of the dentition bracket systems.
  • Pregnancy and lactation.

What to look for when choosing products

All chemicals are considered safe only if the correct application. The question of choice of the drug, taking into account the individual characteristics of a person, very important.

Expert advice:

  • You need to use the product, given the type and condition of the enamel.
  • Preference is products that provide good results in a short time of exposure. Typically, these funds are more expensive than other gels.
  • To purchase goods proven brands, which made a good showing.

Application rules

How to use a tooth whitening gel? In the first place, strictly following instructions, each of the drug is their own.

The drug is released in the form of a pencil, is applied to a dry surface units of the range. Within a few minutes it is absorbed. To achieve the effect is enough to apply the product twice a day for two weeks. After using is recommended not to eat or not to carry out hygienic cleaning for hours.

A good result is achieved when using a special dental cap

A good result is achieved when using a special dental cap. In each cell you want to add one drop means and tightly put the device on the jaw. There are day and night sessions. Recently, the popularity of procedures that involve minimal contact with the reagents.

Applying the subject method of treatment, it is necessary to eliminate the possibility of ingress of chemicals into the esophagus and mucous membranes of the mouth. Course duration will depend on the degree of darkening of the top layer, the chosen means and the desired result. Sometimes it can reach one and a half months.

The use of tooth whitening gel under a special lamp used to happen only in dental offices. Many brands now offer patients to make your smile beautiful, by purchasing a set for home aesthetic treatment. It includes the gel, and a mini lamp.

To perform the procedure properly, you must first clean the teeth from plaque, then treat them to a firming composition. Then, in the recess of the cap apply the gel and put them in his mouth. Include the device and take the session.

The application of the tooth whitening gel is now gaining popularity due to effectiveness, simplicity, availability of the procedure. It should be noted that only compliance with all regulations of usage, the correct choice of the concentration of the means gives a guarantee of safety.