Produce trays for bleaching of special soft plastic. They are adjusted specifically for the patient, maintain complete sealing and therefore lighten the teeth quickly and comfortably.

teeth whitening

What mouth guard for teeth whitening better? Today it is possible to use 3 types of cap:

  • standard (you can buy them at any drugstore, but they are not suitable for people who have malocclusion or crooked teeth);
  • thermoplastic (in order not to experience discomfort while wearing such a mouth guard is first heated to almost boiling, and then put);
  • individual (these caps are produced for the exact replica of the patient's jaws).

Of course, the most appropriate option will be the individual Kappa - they allow the whitening gel which is placed inside, as close as possible contact with the enamel of the teeth.

Of course, there are situations where the tray can be prohibited. These include such cases:

  • if the patient is under 18 years of age;
  • if the patient discovered the intolerance to the components of the bleach;
  • if a patient is pregnant or breastfeeding;
  • if the patient has pierced lips, tongue or cheeks;
  • if the teeth and gums is not fully cured;
  • if after tooth extraction it took less than 4 weeks.

If we talk about the effectiveness of the cap, everything here is also very individual. Typically, this method allows to lighten the shade of enamel on 4 to 10 points on a scale VITA. However, it should be noted that the bleaching trays are more effective if takes place under the supervision of a dentist, as this ensures the regularity and the correctness of the procedure. The patient is often so happy the first effect of the use of a mouth guard that forgets to observe the mode of its application and in the end not getting proper result. However, before you use mouth guard for teeth whitening you need to find out whether the patient's specific problems with the shade of the teeth - in such cases, it makes sense to just accept the veneers.

The advantages of bleaching with the help of cap can be attributed to their relatively low cost and the ability to pause the course when any unpleasant feelings. In addition, when the sensitivity of the teeth will return to normal, you can consult with your doctor to resume the procedure and again to whiten teeth in the most convenient mode.


Kappa bleaching

Home teeth whitening with a cap is quite a serious event, as like a whitening procedure that is performed in the dental office. The difference is that gel bleach that is used on the doctor, you'll be a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide. Mouth tray for home whitening may be prescribed to strengthen the whitening result and a leisurely self lighten teeth.

Teeth whitening cap can help:

  • in the presence of a yellow or brown hue of the tooth surface caused by aging;
  • when using medicines, coloring teeth;
  • frequent consumption of beverages and foods with dyes.

As already mentioned, the mouth tray for whitening can buy one, because it does not have to have a prescription. But without consultation and oral exam by the dentist is better not to buy this product as a whitening gel you can seriously damage the enamel of teeth and cause inflammation of the mucosa and gums.

To whitening your teeth at home using trays is not ended sadly, try to follow these rules:

  • pay attention to the concentration of peroxide in the gel - it should not be too much;
  • exactly follow the rules specified in the instructions to the purchased product;
  • make sure that you do not have Tartar (better pass cleaning at the dentist).

Each gel for home bleaching, there are nuances of usage: for example, if the content of hydrogen peroxide in it is not very large, then the mouth tray for whitening you can wear all night; in the case of a high concentration of bleach Kapu are only 1-3 hours.


care Kappa

If after examination of the enamel in the clinic, you and your dentist come to a mutual agreement that you need a mouth guard for teeth whitening, you will be given the special composition of the gel bleach. It will need to apply during the entire course of bleaching. The doctor will remove the cast from the jaw, that Capa is a “village” on the teeth and bleached them with maximum efficiency. In the choice of teeth whitening reviews will help cap is not much - each patient has its own peculiarity and sensitivity of teeth.

Speaking about the rules of engagement for the cap, there are General guidelines for bleaching:

  • before each session of bleaching it is necessary to clean the teeth;
  • the whitening gel is applied inside the tray evenly;
  • when the need to follow a uniform distribution of the gel (in the case of outside products, the gel is necessary to remove a finger or brush);
  • after installing the tray caution is advised to rinse the mouth;
  • the mouthguard should be worn only by the amount of time that is specified in the regulations;
  • after removing the tray, you must again carefully rinse the mouth.

To achieve an effective result, it is best not to wear the tray for longer than 5 hours in a row and temporarily exclude from the diet food and drinks contain dyes. Dentists recommend to give up the cigarettes.

Usually the desired effect is achieved within 1-3 weeks after the start of the course. Of course, qualitatively you can whiten your teeth only under the condition that all recommendations of your dentist.