Zoom whitening: reviews, effectiveness, contraindications

Many people dream about the smile that would have charmed companions. You need to have beautiful, smooth and white teeth. They are not always like that. But thanks to the latest technologies and developments desired effect can be achieved in the dental office. Zoom whitening reviews, which in most cases is positive, has become quite popular in recent years, despite its high cost. The main argument – absolute safety for the teeth. Those systems and methods that were used until recently, could not boast of similar characteristics (except laser whitening). But everything changes, development of gels with a new, universal structures. What are the advantages of this bleaching talk in the article.

teeth whitening

What is Zoom whitening

Whitening Zoom, which reviews are considered by us is in great demand. The thing is that the technology and security. The process consists in applying a special gel on the main teeth (10 upper, 10 lower). The composition includes hydrogen peroxide. To enhance the process required a special lamp, its rays directed into the oral cavity of the patient. After that, the gel begins to warm and penetrate into the tooth tissue, the pigments are destroyed.

After the procedure, you can see the natural white color of the enamel. To be best in proven dental clinics, it is important that the physician have experience and relevant skills. The effect is really stunning, just one procedure, which lasts about an hour to teeth were perfectly white.


To improve the bleaching it is necessary to conduct a preliminary inspection of the oral cavity. If you have cavities or untreated teeth affected by pulpitis, carry out the procedure impossible.

Understand the types of whitening

Teeth whitening Zoom reviews which are mostly positive, it is worth a lot of money, about 18,000 rubles for the procedure. There are several variations:

  1. Zoom 1. The gel is quite outdated, experts have been proved, it is not quite safe. Patients had violation of tooth enamel.
  2. Zoom 2. A better gel, but, nevertheless, the procedure was painful. The patients had increased sensitivity of tooth enamel to temperature extremes.
  3. Zoom 3. New and improved gel make this procedure completely painless, and, most importantly, harmless. Doctors recommend to adopt this type of whitening. Despite the high cost, this is the most popular procedure in dental offices.
  4. Zoom home whitening. Of course, it was to lighten the teeth it will not work, as it will not be used a special lamp. But, nevertheless, on a 4-6 they can become shades whiter. It will also need to use the gel. Manufacturers offer several variants of the concentration of hydrogen peroxide: 4% and 6%.

Home whitening Zoom, which reviews are more often positive, also quite popular, and it is not only low cost, but good results.

I advise professionals?

Choosing the types of whitening, of course, I would like to hear the opinion of doctors who are confronted daily with such procedures. Their practical advice will help patients to make the right choice. Teeth whitening Zoom 3 (reviews, photos there are in the article) is often used. Gel not so long ago appeared on the Russian market, but positively-proven. There are some features of this technology. Among them are:

  1. The gel and lamp is necessary to choose one company. Only together they give a wonderful result.

  2. Manufacturers have improved the lamps, which are used in bleaching. They have a lower life, it is absolutely harmless.

  3. The gel is really gentle. The concentration of hydrogen peroxide is not more than 25%. The effect is immediately visible, and the enamel remains healthy.

  4. We developed a new formula of gel. Now its main components are in different syringes. When applying the elements are mixed, but the acid destroys tooth enamel, as it neutralizes. This is very important, that is why this type of whitening is gentle.

  5. Before and after the procedure, the specialists use the Relief gel that strengthens tooth enamel.

Zoom whitening reviews, which the doctors are positive, gives a stunning effect. You can forget about the test again for 2 years. The teeth will remain white and strong.

Still, doctors are wary of the purpose of this method to those patients who have enamel from nature has a yellowish tint. Experts claim that it is the most solid and durable. And bleaching can damage these features.

zoom whitening

The choice is always the patient, dentists may only advise or recommend. If you decide to whiten your teeth, use modern methods. Not worth saving money on this procedure.

Procedure Zoom whitening

After the client decided on the kind of whitening, it raises the question: "How is this procedure?" Because many people are afraid of the dental chair from an early age. Panic and nervous about it not worth it. It is important to note that bleaching does not cause any unpleasant sensations. Need to know what to determine whether to do the relevant procedures, is only entitled to the doctor. To this end, he examines the oral cavity. The patient should be free of caries, inflammation. If the front teeth are damaged and they should seal, the doctor may refuse to conduct the procedure.

In addition, a few days before bleaching it is advisable to clean the teeth from plaque with a special mint of nozzles and remove stones, if any. After that you can proceed to basic procedures. The Zoom whitening system, reviews of which the majority is positive to be the following:

  • A doctor with a special Vita color range determines the hue of the enamel of the patient, and selects from them the most suitable color. This step is very important, because the teeth must look natural.

  • Lips are fixed with a special device.

  • The patient wear protective goggles.

  • Lips, cheeks and gums treated with a gel, which when interacting with oxygen immediately hardens. This will protect the mucosa from burns and wounds.

  • On General teeth, namely the smile zone, apply the gel. This must be done carefully to not touch the gums.

  • Next, hold the Zoom lamp, which will heat the gel.

  • After 20 minutes the remaining solution is removed. And the process repeats again. Do these actions 3 times.

  • After the procedure, the remaining gel removed with a special machine and cause a firming solution.

The whitening process is painless. Takes more than 2 hours.

Advantages of bleaching

Whitening Zoom reviews which are mostly positive, quite popular among successful people, celebrities, politicians. What are the advantages of this method?

the bleaching procedure
  1. Teeth are bleached even in the most difficult cases, when to their darkening led not drinking coffee and Smoking, and more weighty reasons, for example, antibiotics or other drugs.

  2. Stunning effect will be achieved in one procedure.

  3. The whitening process is painless.

  4. By the time the procedure takes no more than 2 hours.

  5. The teeth can be whitened by 12 tones. Efficiency loses only the laser method.

  6. The effect is long-lasting (about 5 years).

  7. If the result did not satisfy the patient, you can repeat the procedure after 6 months.

Teeth whitening Zoom, reviews, photos, presented below is quite a popular procedure. Thanks to her, many singers and actors in our country have a Hollywood smile.

Are there any pitfalls?

But no matter how praised Zoom whitening reviews, which sometimes is not very enthusiastic, still there are negative sides about them worth mentioning. Include:

  1. If the patient is the holder of sensitive enamel, or it has cracks, the procedure may be painful.

  2. When getting gel on the mucosa of the gums can cause sores and burns.

  3. After whitening, some patients reported increased tooth sensitivity to temperature changes.

  4. If the procedure was performed properly, teeth can have a very unnatural hue. In this case, the desired effect is not achieved.

  5. The high cost of bleaching does not allow everyone who wants to do the procedure.

Order process went without problems, and the result was stunning, it's necessary to have it performed by a dentist with experience.


Teeth whitening Zoom 3, which reviews mostly good, has established itself not only among patients but also among professionals. At the moment, this is the new system which is better just yet. But it has contraindications. Bleaching is not carried out:

  1. Patients under 18 years of age.

  2. Women in "interesting position" and in the lactation period. At these stages of life I can't risk getting chemicals in the body can be detrimental to the child.

  3. If you are hypersensitive components, especially of hydrogen peroxide.

  4. In patients with epilepsy. During the procedure may happen a fit.

  5. When dental problems: caries, enamel chips, pulpitis.

  6. People recently posed seals.

  7. When taking oral contraceptives.

  8. In that case, if you have recently used a different type of whitening. In this case, the physician must clarify which method was used by the dentist, and how much time has passed from the beginning of the done procedure.

  9. Patients with pacemakers.

  10. For people with cancer.

  11. Chemotherapy patients.

Whitening lamp Zoom, which reviews customers leave not stingy, costs about 18 thousand rubles. It is the most gentle and painless.

Zoom whitening at home

To have a Hollywood smile, no need to visit a dental office. Home teeth whitening Zoom 3, which reviews are too positive, it can help. A significant advantage of this method is the price. The tray with gel will cost you no more than 6-8 thousand rubles. This is two times cheaper than whitening at the clinic.

Many wonder: "How does home teeth whitening Zoom reviews still positive?" Due to the special gel and the Capa, which will have wear on the teeth.

white teeth

It is worth noting that without the use of a UV lamp to achieve the desired effect it will be harder. The result may be not as expected by the client. With the help of this method turns out to whiten your teeth by 2-4 shades. Not always this is enough.

The principle of operation is extremely simple:

  • At home it is necessary to open the syringe with gel.

  • Then a thin layer to put it on the mouthpiece.

  • While wearing the tray depends on which gel you purchased. There are several options (Day White and Night White).

  • After removing the aligners teeth need a good clean and rinse the mouth.

This method has its flaws, which need mentioning:

  1. Mouth guards must be worn for a long time. Day – 2-3 hours a day, night – 10-12 hours.

  2. The procedure is repeated. You must do it during the week and sometimes much longer.

  3. The result lasts not more than a year.

Home whitening Zoom 3, reviews, photo which is presented below, is well established. The undoubted advantage is its cost. For those who need to whiten teeth just a few shades, it fit perfectly.

Customer reviews

Modern medicine offers many options to improve your appearance. One of them is an effective teeth whitening Zoom 3, feedback about this method, it's time to consider read more. Patients reported the following strengths of the procedure:

  • In just an hour you can get perfectly white teeth.

  • Whitening help even in the most advanced cases.

  • The procedure is completely painless. Slight discomfort gives special apparatus, which is fixed in the oral cavity.

  • After using this method the teeth are not crumbling, enamel remains strong.

  • Before the procedure do not need to pass a lot of inspections and manipulations on the part of dentists.

  • A few days after bleaching to start Smoking and drinking coffee.

  • The availability of the procedure. Almost every major dental clinic can be done.

Of the negative aspects worth noting is pricing. The cost of the procedure is quite high, it ranges from 18 to 22 thousand rubles. Agree, this is not affordable for everyone. In this case, a used home Zoom whitening. Reviews, photos presented below.

Patients note the universality of this method. The gel is relatively inexpensive, and to achieve the desired effect in a week. We would like to note that in complex cases, when teeth are darkened from use of drugs, this method does not work. This can be seen from the reviews of people discussing whitening with the Zoom! system.

But if you want to lighten your teeth a few shades, apply the gel at home is justified.

In addition, you should remember that if the teeth to be bleached, contain the seals, they need to be replaced. First, hydrogen peroxide can damage the material, it just falls apart. Second, the seals are not clarified and remain the same color. To the teeth was not the contrast, the best way is to put a new filling material, and this, again, financial costs. But this process does not end. Teeth will eventually start to darken, and fillings will be white. Will have to start all over again.


Sometimes you can find negative reviews written by patients that teeth turned unnaturally white, matte. This speaks to the incompetence or inexperience of the doctors. If in the first day on teeth had white spots that are pronounced, do not worry. With time everything will pass. This happens due to the fact that the enamel becomes dry and is exposed to heat.