Equipment for professional cleaning for your teeth

A beautiful smile is a great way to win over people. To teeth happy white they should be cleaned regularly, and it's not about the toothpaste and the brush. At home difficult and sometimes even impossible to clean the tooth enamel from dental plaque. This requires cleaning, performed with the aid of special apparatus.

What are the apparatus for brushing teeth?

the device for cleaning teeth

In the market of dental equipment there are many devices with which you can brush your teeth more efficiently than if it is done with the help of a toothbrush. One such device is the oral irrigator. It is a special tool designed for a professional teeth cleaning.

The principle of operation of this device is quite simple:

  1. In a special tank filled with liquid;
  2. Under the high pressure created by the device, the fluid is supplied into the hole. Thus, the formed jet is able to remove from the surface of the tooth food debris and plaque, which can not remove the brush and paste.

In addition to cleansing the tooth, the irrigator is able to remove food leftovers from spaces between the teeth and clean the gums and massage them, increasing blood circulation, thereby strengthening them. Such a device is not only simple to use, but also fairly compact size and relatively low cost (although the price of the product still depends on the features and manufacturer), with the result that it can be used at home.

To remove harder deposits and pigmented plaque, you can use the device in the basis of the work which are ultrasonic waves. Such a device is called a scaler. Such equipment is quite common, so it can often be found in dental offices.

For operation with such apparatus it is necessary to possess certain knowledge and skills, so it can only use a professional. The scaler can be used in the treatment of endo-pathology, Periodontology and prosthetics. In addition, by using ultrasonic waves emitted by the device, it is possible to Polish the tooth to clean the surface of crowns and bridges during the prosthesis.

In addition to the instrument and ultrasonic cleaning, there are the following types of cleaning:

  • Laser cleaning, which not only removes the tooth surface deposits, but also has the ability to destroy harmful bacteria. The impact of the laser beam accelerates the healing of ulcers and improvement of the mucous membrane of the oral cavity.
  • Cleaning is carried out using the apparatus "air flow", represents the impact of the air jet, which is complemented by the abrasive.
  • Hygienic cleaning, which is a method of removing dental plaque by using special brushes and hooks. This method is very gentle and not aimed at the removal of stone. So it is hardly effective. That is why today it is used relatively rarely.

The indications for a professional dental cleaning

It is important to note that contraindications teeth cleaning little, and those that can interfere with the course of procedure is still relative and in many ways their presence is determined by the status of the oral cavity and the individual characteristics of the patient.

Minimum number of contraindications has home teeth cleaning, which is performed by means of electric brushes and professional pastas as well as irrigators. Need to pay special attention to professional oral hygiene.

If to speak about cleansing, which will be implemented in the dental office, the indications for its implementation are:

teeth cleaning
  • The need for Tartar removal;
  • Remove soft and hard plaque formed on the enamel;
  • Prophylactic to prevent diseases of dental tissue (an example of such disease is known to all cavities);
  • Preventive measure or treatment of periodontal disease;
  • Elimination of an unpleasant smell resulting from bacterial;
  • Preventing the occurrence of bleeding periodontal;
  • Preparation for the subsequent whitening of the enamel.

Professional teeth cleaning with the help of special pastes and brushes

In order to keep our teeth white, as well as how longer the effect obtained by using a hardware cleaning, you can use special tools and houses, brushing your teeth in the morning and evening.

In order to effectively clean teeth, you can use already mentioned above, the irrigators, however, they are not the only instruments that can be used to cleanse the mouth people who have no special training. You can also whiten your teeth with a special professional toothpaste and an electric toothbrush.

Differences professional toothpaste from the usual, the following:

  • Higher content of abrasive elements, resulting in plaque is more impact than regular toothpaste. A large number of abrasive particles is expressed not only in effect, but also the consistency that is thicker;
  • The ability to destroy harmful bacteria. Not everyone, of course, completely clean from germs of the oral cavity is simply impossible, but it is more effective in this matter. So if you have not only the teeth are darker than you wanted, but also there are diseases of the oral cavity, for example, bleeding gums, it is necessary to choose the professional pasta;
  • A large number of active ingredientsthat give the product particular medicinal properties;
  • The cost, which, of course, will be morethan regular toothpaste. This comparative figure can be called a lack of professional pastes. However, for quality you must pay.

If we talk about toothbrushes to make brushing teeth more efficient can electric brush.

This device includes the following structural elements:

  • Plastic case, inside which is a small engine;
  • A motorthat converts electrical energy into mechanical energy;
  • Nozzle with a brush, mostly round brushes, as they wear, the brush must be changed, otherwise the desired effect will not be.

There are many models of electric brush.

This device may have the following characteristics:

  • The speed of rotation, and the possibility of its change;
  • Whether during operation of the device to be vibration impact, which can increase the effectiveness of the procedure;
  • Brush size, which can affect the processing area (a large area can reduce the time spent on the procedure) and the ability to clean the surface of the teeth in hard to reach places (the smaller, the easier to clean far teeth).

All the above characteristics have an impact on the cost of the apparatus and the efficiency of its use.

The hardware cleaning teeth at home

a device for cleaning teeth

In house conditions it is possible to implement hardware cleaning with a special device, which is embodied in a device for feeding under pressure the liquid. Hardly a device can be used morning and evening. It is enough to use twice a day.

For daily use suitable electric toothbrush, which, of course, is more expensive than usual, but is able to bring great benefits. For best result use in combination with a brush professional toothpaste, which contains in its composition more abrasive elements.