Professional teeth cleaning

Daily oral hygiene is a necessary rule that must be obeyed by all people. However, to maintain dental health it is often insufficient. The most reliable variant – to make a professional cleaning of the teeth in dentistry.

teeth brushing methods in dentistry

What is a professional cleaning?

The main threat to dental health is harmful bacteria that remain after a meal. They formed a plaque. This can lead to very unpleasant consequences – Tartar, tooth decay, inflammation of gums and subsequent adentias.

This helps to prevent the removal of plaque. A logical question arises: why to go to the dentist, if each of us every day brushing their teeth? The answer to this question is very simple. Professional dental procedure is significantly different from home because you are using:

  • specialized equipment;
  • professional cleansing compositions.

This can remove plaque in tight spaces, which won't get one toothbrush. Special formulations allow us to produce the most effective cleaning – even the most expensive toothpaste will not give such a result.

When you need professional cleaning?

The international Association of dentists it is recommended to undergo this procedure twice a year. This will help to prevent the development of caries. The patients who received comprehensive dental treatment, this procedure gives the possibility to preserve and maintain results for the long term.

A dental hygienist is also recommended to visit before dental treatment. Why is this necessary? This allows you to improve the condition of the gums to detect decay at an early stage, to return the natural enamel shade, to simplify the process of performing seals, the selection of their shade or hue of dentures.

When the procedure is implemented the following measures:

  • removes plaque between the teeth.
  • cleaned the gums and the subgingival region;
  • cleaned the chewing surface of teeth;
  • removed education from the side of the cheeks;
  • eliminates the formation at the points of contact of the tongue with enamel.

Hygienic cleaning can be performed not only for adults but also for children. Contrary to popular belief, baby teeth also requires careful maintenance.

Advantages of professional cleaning

The procedure became widespread. To her resorted to even those patients who have no disease of the oral cavity. Its implementation allows to prevent:

  • inflammation of the gums;
  • the development of caries;
  • odor from the mouth;
  • the loosening and loss of teeth.
cleaning teeth in dentistry

In addition, as a result of the enamel returns to her natural shade – she's lightened 1-2 tones. Thus, there is a certain aesthetic effect.

Important is the fact that the price of a professional teeth cleaning at the dentist low. Such preventative treatment is much cheaper than the treatment.

How does professional cleaning?

Cleaning is done in a single visit to the dentist. The procedure is carried out in several stages:

  • preparation – the dentist consults the patient, determines the presence of caries or Tartar, those or other pathologies. If necessary tests;
  • next, using the ultrasonic device are carried out removal of Tartar. This is a minimally traumatic procedure in which the dental tissues are not affected;
  • after the eliminated dental plaque. This solid deposits, the removal of which used air-abrasive method;
  • then you proceed to polishing with special abrasive pastes. This helps to give the teeth smoothness, and to protect seals from premature destruction;
  • at the last stage of tooth surface covered with a fluorine-containing composition. This allows you to make the enamel more durable.

At the present level of development of dental services each of these stages is completely painless. The procedure will require only about an hour.