Experience in the use of Denta Seal

His story told us Greta from Bremen. The girl shared her experiences and told how toothpaste Denta Seal helped her to get rid of tooth sensitivity, plaque, and caries.

Experience using Denta Seal

Teeth is my sore subject. All my life I ran to the doctors, and in moments of despair even thought to remove them all and put implants. But once I was advised to try the pasta Denta Sealthat became for me a real lifesaver!

I suffered all his life due to dental problems

The problem comes from my family – both parents had bad teeth. And despite the fact that the mother and child and tried to do everything to me this issue is spared, after all it has not brought results. Remember how I wanted sweets, chocolates and cakes, but my only dessert was a carrot. Mom was letting me eat as much as you want, it's kind of and sweetness and massage the gums. Sugar mom didn't put me even in tea, on holidays we were allowed to eat the candy, and then had to go brush your teeth.

Every six months my mom took me on a preventive visit to the dentist, and I always had something to cure, despite the fact that the professional oral hygiene was familiar to me from childhood. The only advantage of my mother's efforts was that, being already an adult, I was accustomed to pay due attention to the health of your teeth, and I had absolutely no fear of the dentist. I was so used to seeing all these instruments, hear the sound of the drill and the smell of burnt enamel that I had not precisely to scare.

As a child I thought that when I grow up, I will allow myself to eat an entire cake and candy I eat every day, and generally forget about the dental clinic, but the reality was different. Sensitive teeth didn't allow me to even talk on the phone on the street, not that I eat sweets or drink hot drinks. And in the dentist chair I was a frequent visitor, so forget about it failed.

A doctor once suggested I do a re-mineralization. When I was released from the hospital, my husband called me, I was able to talk to him on the way. For me it was such an incredible happiness that I just flew home on wings. For the first time in years I could drink a Cup of aromatic, strong and, most importantly, hot coffee and not just coffee, but coffee ice cream. It was a real treat, pity, happiness was short-lived. Just a couple of weeks, and everything fell into place. Often to do such a procedure I was not possible, and I began to live from visit to visit.

As a little mishap helped me to find great happiness

Once, while traveling, I have so much toothache that I was forced to go to a local clinic. The tooth was treated, was offered a cleaning, as the stone accumulated. I agreed. After the measures dentist told me the tooth paste Denta Sealto on to preserve the effect of the hygiene and get rid of the transparency of the enamel on the edges of the teeth. When I complained about the fact that the teeth are very sensitive, he said that the reason small cracks in the enamel than in the past, and that this paste is the best helper in this matter, because daily use will constantly fill these deficiencies.

Honestly, I believe in it with difficulty. Still, it's one thing remineralization in a professional clinic, and the other usual toothpaste. How is she able to deliver me from breaches in the integrity of the enamel? Well, I just wanted pasta, and I change constantly, bought one that was advised by the doctor. After two weeks of use were ready to fly across half the country to the dentist to thank him. I just did not believe that the sensitivity decreases with each passing day that the teeth retain their white appearance, they look strong and healthy. It's not just pasta, for me it's salvation.

Now Denta Seal I'm not changing and even have a small stock at home (I was so smooches with teeth that appeared even fear that suddenly the paste will end, and I will not have time to order a new one). All friends and acquaintances, I not only advised to use this tool, but gave it to all her friends. Child and husband brush their teeth only Denta SealI hope this will help them avoid all the problems and travails that had to experience me.

Despite being very busy, I decided to make time for writing this review, because it can change the lives of many people. Now at the dentist I go to only for the purpose of prevention, because tooth decay simply does not show up and evolving, so only rarely do hygiene, and nothing more. Recommend to all even people with perfectly healthy teeth use the toothpaste Denta Seal. Believe me – your teeth will last you a long time, and smile will be white and beautiful!