Reviews Denta Seal

  • Kristian
    Despite the fact that I take good care of their teeth, they are very quickly covered with stone, from which yellow. Dentist told me to try the pasta denta seal as preventive maintenance between cleanings. To my surprise, it's been more than a year, and the doctor's visit is not necessary, although I usually go to the specialist every 3-4 months. So I recommend to all!
  • Susanne
    The fear of visiting the dental office makes me a very careful approach to the selection of pasta. From Denta Seal I'm so excited: teeth are smooth and beautiful, transparent enamel has acquired a bright white color, and a crack on front tooth from the sudden change of temperature was practically invisible. I will buy again, and mum will order!
  • Jürgen
    Noticed that trips to the dentist became very frequent, and over and over again was the treatment, not just the solution of aesthetic problems. The doctor said that due to lack of minerals, enamel becomes thin and the tooth defenseless against external acids, which are so rapidly formed cavities on perfectly healthy teeth. The doctor recommended me to buy the pasta denta sealand now I have no problems with teeth. Even the appearance of the teeth is noticeable that they are more strong and healthy.
  • Gisela
    About denta seal I learned from a friend – she helped get rid of Tartar. But I was more interested in sealing the effect of this miracle paste. I was not expecting super results, but for the sake of interest bought and did not regret! Minor defects (scratches and cracks), has completely disappeared, the sensitivity decreased and the semitransparent edges of their teeth became white. So I advise to buy denta seal!
  • Monika
    I used to do the procedure of remineralization at the dentist, but after seeing the Internet for review about Denta Seal and tasted this paste, the need for such an expensive procedure anymore. In addition, the teeth became a few shades lighter, leaving the old sensitivity. I am very happy with the purchase! I advise everyone to try at least once, and then not be able to refuse.
Reviews Denta Seal